Full Life Pilates ~ Sara Marie

Pilates Spinal Rotation

Sara Marie is thrilled to welcome clients into her private studio space at the wonderful Three Sisters Midwifery in Jacksonville.  She is excited to bring her approach of empowered and functional physical activity into the birthing community. Informed and precise exercise can help you gain confidence in your body’s ability to adapt and thrive through the changes that come with pregnancy, birth, and welcoming your newborn.
Pilates is a form of precision, low-impact exercise that is designed to cultivate enduring strength, stability, and mobility in people of any age, ability or phase of pregnancy.  With Sara Marie’s skill in evaluating posture and movement patterns, she creates effective goal-oriented programing tailored to the unique needs of every client. Each session not only gives you an expert-level workout, but also provides insight about your own body and simple, functional ways to improve your day-to-day quality of movement. In addition to private sessions, Sara Marie offers several group classes that go in depth into movement principals while guiding clients through a fun and challenging flow of movements.

Sara Marie knows firsthand how powerful and life-changing Pilates can be.  For many years, Sara Marie struggled with debilitating back pain and chronic illness, leading her to cycle through many health professionals only to receive temporary relief.  Finally, after having private Pilates sessions, she understood that the root of her pain was based in several specific postural imbalances. These imbalances were hardly noticeable to the untrained eye, but had drastic implications in combination with her very active and demanding life working in agriculture.  Sara Marie’s eyes were opened to the impact of mindful movement on everyday life, and she soon began training as a Pilates instructor with an emphasis on rehabilitation. She now teaches with this understanding that every movement and posture can be an occasion for healing and strength building. Learning and practicing Sara Marie’s style of Pilates can help transform your own active lifestyle into a functional self-care practice in and of itself. This passion for self-empowered awareness and healing fuels Sara Marie’s commitment to Full Life Pilates and its mission to help clients improve their quality of life through functional movement.   

In her comfortable and private studio at Three Sisters Midwifery, Sara Marie has an array of specialty equipment to get the most out of every session. She also teaches group exercise classes including Pre-Natal Pilates, Pilates for Osteoporosis, Core Strength, Unwind Your Spine, Pilates Flow and more.  

Some of the Benefits You Can Enjoy as a Full Life Pilates Client:
– Reduce back pain
– Optimize posture
– Gain strength, flexibility, and balance
– Improve core strength
– Manage chronic pain
– Prevent future injury
– Increase mind-body awareness
– Comfort in extended sitting, standing, and walking.  
– Increase ability and confidence in physically demanding situations
-Prevent osteoporosis fractures
-Personalized home exercise program

Benefits of Prenatal Specific Pilates:
-Build confidence in your body’s ability to support the birth you want to have
-Reduce back pain
-Reduce joint pain
-Improve pelvic floor stability and recovery
-Improve postpartum recovery
-Upper body strength for carrying and nursing
-Making time for self-care that will have long lasting impact
-Increase circulation
-Focused breathing
-Prevention and recovery from diastasis
-Improve recovery from c-section

Call or Email to schedule a free consultation with Sara Marie to see how Full Life Pilates fits your needs: FullLifePilatesStudio@gmail.com or 541-205-2225