Midwifery Care

We offer complete, individualized midwifery care during the childbearing year. Care begins in pregnancy and continues through childbirth and the first six to eight weeks postpartum. Please contact us for current rates and insurance billing options.

Your Team

We want each woman to feel completely safe and held throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum, and to know that there is always a trusted person to call upon for anything which might arise. We want her to feel comfortable and trusting during her birthing time so that she is supported to simply let go and birth her baby (see our philosophy page). To this end, at Three Sisters each mother has a dedicated team of midwives who take the time to know her well and with whom she can develop a deep relationship of trust and confidence.
Three dedicated midwives and an apprentice will follow you throughout your childbearing time, including your prenatal care, labor, birth and the extended postpartum. Two of the midwives and the apprentice will attend your labor and birth. The third midwife on your team will maintain on-call status in case extra help is needed, and will arrive refreshed to attend to your first day postpartum needs.
You will become very familiar with your own team of midwives. We would also like you to meet the other midwives and apprentices in our practice, who may attend your birth in the event of an emergency, illness with a member of your birth team, multiple births occurring at the same time, or if you give birth in a month other that expected. Our intention with this model of care is that even in unforeseen circumstances you will be comfortable with the women surrounding and supporting you.
We are thrilled to be working together as a group to support excellent care and beautiful, safe births for women and babies. We believe the shared responsibility and support network this model of care offers us helps us be better midwives. The “take home message” for you: There is always a midwife you know who is rested, fresh, informed and ready to help you.

Prenatal Care

Healthy mamas make healthy babies, so we are committed to helping pregnant mothers optimize their health! We listen to each mother’s unique experience and consider information from her overall physical and emotional well-being to offer individualized care (see philosophy page).
Prenatal visits are held in our office at 235 W. Main Street in Jacksonville, OR. We schedule one visit every four weeks until the 28th week of pregnancy, when we start seeing moms every two weeks. Around 36 weeks we do a home visit to familiarize ourselves with mom’s home and birth space. From 36 weeks on we see women every week until birth. Extra visits are scheduled as needed. Prenatal visits include routine obstetrical care, checking mom’s vitals (pulse, blood pressure, and weight if mom doesn’t object), urinalysis, lab work, monitoring uterine growth, palpating baby’s position, and listening to baby’s heart rate. We will also ask about fetal movement, nutrition, and general well being.
Each visit provides a full hour of direct midwifery care, allowing time for a deeper relationship to unfold between the midwives and mother. This quality time together helps build a relationship of trust and sets a solid foundation for mother to fully relax into the mystery of childbirth.

Prenatal Circle

We are excited about offering the Prenatal Circle, a new facet to our care at Three Sisters. Women may choose to have the Circle fill the role of their regular prenatal visits, with extra visits scheduled as needed. The Prenatal Circle is a group devoted to building connections, giving and receiving support, and sharing the wealth of our knowledge and experience with one another as women and mothers. Variations on this type of prenatal care are spreading throughout the US. Women enjoy the opportunity to spend time with other pregnant moms, care for themselves, and learn and grow together throughout pregnancy. In addition, the connections made here become community-building, fostering relationships that support healthy parenting beyond the prenatal and birth period.
Prenatal Circle meetings last 2 hours with planned topics related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. In order to facilitate open sharing among women and mothers, we limit the circle to women. We will have other opportunities to get to know fathers. During the first half hour, moms have private check-ins with the midwives and relaxed time to mingle with the other expectant mothers, followed by one and a half hours of discussion and sharing. In addition to the planned discussion topics, moms are encouraged to bring any of their own current questions and/or concerns to the circle. The midwives enjoy stepping into the circle and sharing along with the others as we all learn from each other. This ongoing endeavor will grow and evolve organically as we all work together to make a space that truly meets moms’ needs NOW.

Birthing Care

Starting when you are 36 weeks pregnant, we are on call for your birth at home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When your birthing time is near and you are ready for support, one or more of the midwives will come to your home with the birthing equipment. As licensed midwives, we are equipped for possible emergency situations with oxygen, IV therapy, neonatal resuscitation equipment, and medications to control postpartum bleeding. As holistic health care providers, we also carry herbs and homeopathic remedies. We find these alternative modalities work quite well to correct most complex situations.
As birth unfolds, the other midwives will join us in your home. After birth, we stay at your home for several hours. This gives us time to ensure that mom and baby are stable, help with any breastfeeding needs, perform a newborn exam, encourage mom to eat a good meal, and clean and pack up our equipment.

Postpartum Care

As midwives, we are trained in complete maternal and newborn care for the first 6-8 weeks after birth. Our postpartum care consists of frequent home visits to support you and your family through the days of adjustment after birth. We generally come to your home on day 1, day 3, and 1 week, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks. The last visit, at 6-8 weeks, may be in your home or in our office. Throughout this period we assist with breastfeeding support, perform newborn exams for weight gain and well being, and monitor mom’s recovery and wellness.

Additional visits are made as situations call for them. We strongly encourage you to stay home, rest, and bond with your baby. We recommend you use the postpartum time to heal and establish a good nursing relationship. Skin to skin contact, from the moment of birth onward, is the wisest thing you can do to assure the health of you and your baby during this recovery period. These newborn weeks are a magical time when mom, baby, and the whole family are bonding, transforming and securing a healthy start together. Enjoy!