I truly believe I could not have been surrounded by more wonderful women… I feel so grateful and happy and blessed to have found you and honored to have you there to share in this absolutely amazing birth with us. Thank you so so so much and we look forward to seeing you for the future baby weighs…

A. & S.

Three Sisters Midwifery is the most wonderful group of midwives, they are smart and supportive, honest and comforting. They are fun and sweet and most of all they really care about mothers and babies! The wisdom they have is from years of attending births and having babies of their own and it shows. They make you feel safe and strong and capable! I cannot express my love for this wonderful group of women enough! They helped me so much and continue to help me and steer me in the right direction, giving me helpful advice any time I need it. I trust them with all my heart and know they are always looking out for the good of me and my baby. I cannot Imagine not having them beside me throughout my journey into motherhood. I will keep them in in my heart forever for all their hard work and kindness and I will always consider them my great friends, not just my midwives. I recommend Three Sister’s Midwifery to any one who is getting ready to have the most wonderful and memorable experience of a life time, bringing a baby into this world. Weather it’s your first baby or you’ve had a baby before I guarantee they are just what your looking for and there services and experience is extremely valuable! Thank you, Three Sisters Midwifery.


This incredible group of women were my first experience with what some consider “alternative medicine.” I have never received better or more thorough care from any doctor ever in my life. I was not just another appointment, chart, or hospital round to them. They helped guide my confidence as the spokesperson for my daughter. They strived to give us detailed and unbiased information about common medical practices associated with modern birth. I feel we became true friends throughout my pregnancy. They truly helped to empower me as a mother and a woman and my husband as a father and a man, and I am so grateful for their knowledge, open mindedness, and love. If they could I know they would help every pregnant mama there is. They opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking and living, and it works. With their knowledge of herbs, foods, medicines, emotional health, and people they helped my husband and I help ourselves. Their postpartum care was incredible. My mother commented that they really listened and cared about my well-being. I cannot say enough good about them, and I recommend their practice and the knowledge I have learned to everyone who is curious or will listen! Thank you so much for everything you did for our little family.

C. P. and L.G.

Hypnobirthing is an amazing way for the husband to be present, supportive, and an important part of the birth process.


Hypnobirthing made birthing my 2 children pleasurable and empowering. With Rhione’s powerful and compassionate coaching, I was given tools to relax into my body’s instinctual knowing of how to birth. My husband commented that during both births I was so relaxed that I appeared to be asleep! When I stayed relaxed and focused on the breath, the birth energy became waves of intensity that I could ride like a horse. The power of intention through the hypnobirthing process was also amazing. With my daughter, I was able to intend a 5 hour labor, and that’s exactly what happened! I heartily recommend hypnobirthing for every birthing couple, and Rhione as an incredible facilitator of this life-changing process.