Birth naturally, and safely at home.

At Three Sisters Midwifery

We recognize that every growing family is unique and deserves individualized, holistic, and compassionate care throughout the childbearing cycle. With attention to physical and emotional wellness, we support healthy pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

We happily provide midwifery care to families throughout the Rogue Valley, including Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Cave Junction, Williams, and the Applegate. Working with hundreds of families in Southern Oregon and beyond, we see that natural birth is innately a transformative, empowering and healing experience. We consciously facilitate the natural process of pregnancy and birth as it unfolds, with the greatest respect and honor for life itself. Trusting women’s bodies and spirits, and allowing babies to birth gently, we create opportunities for women, children, and families to reach their highest potential. Welcome.

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HypnoBirthing Course

Starts March 07 HypnoBirthing Course

HypnoBirthing Course

Starts April 14 HypnoBirthing Course

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