Midwives Working with You In Person and Online

Hi!  We are experienced homebirth midwives who have been working with pregnant moms, babies and families for more than 30 years.  Now we are turning our passions to private prenatal coaching appointments, private in home newborn and postpartum care along with our offerings of HypnoBirthing Classes and The Arvigo® Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy.   We are passionate about using herbal and homeopathic remedies along with nutrition and other important modalities engaging mind/body/spirit.  We believe that engaging your own intuition is the BEST MEDICINE in your pregnancy journey.

Midwives Rhione Zeixchel and Jae Rowan

Midwives Rhione Zeixchel and Jae Rowan


Prenatal Wellness Coaching in Person or Online



Prenatal sessions can be in person in the Rogue Valley Area or Online at your convenience.

Midwives see the mama baby as a one. We understand the mother as much more than just someone with a uterus. She is an incredible dynamic interplay of mind/body/spirit innately designed to travel through this journey of transformation in pregnancy, birth and parenting. 

A prenatal coaching session is so much more than a doctor appointment has time to address…. These visits are 1.5 – 2 hours each. 

Assessing with you in a comprehensive way to address your questions and deeper needs, we get specific about your best diet, hydration, exercise, sleep, mental/emotional state, relaxation, intention, lab results, homeopathic remedies, herbs, and more….. Such as

Your life situation now

Your support team

Your informed choice decision making

Your relationships

Your feelings

Your bonding with baby

Your plan for postpartum with your baby

Ongoing email and phone support as your needs change

Price Package of 8 visits: $1152 Price for one visit: $155

In Home Postpartum Care for you and Baby


For our clients in the Rogue Valley Oregon area

This is usually 4 visits, but can be expanded. This is care in your home by a midwife so you do not have to get in your car with the baby and go wait in a public waiting room for a brief doctor visit.

You get to stay home with your baby, rest, recover and bond. Be in your babymoon!

Give yourself, your baby and your partner time to integrate your birth and forge a deep loving connection postpartum

Stay at home in your own healthy microbiome, where your immune system is powerfully working for you and your newborn

Very inclusive check-ups, full spectrum wellness assessment for mom and baby, including assessing vitals, checking for anything out of the norm, assessing growth and wellness for baby in the early newborn phase

Includes newborn screening heel prick test if desired

Records and communication with MD as needed or desired

Price: 4 visits plus newborn screening test - $795

Price for one visit: $195

Birth Attendance ((For our clients in the Rogue Valley Oregon area)


 – ask about this service. Available only certain times/year.

(a monitrice is a midwife or nurse acting as a doula with extra skills.) She is able to serve as a doula, with emotional and physical support, but she can also assess vitals, check fetal heart tones, assess dilation, etc. A monitrice can attend the mother at home so she can have help deciding when to go to the hospital. Especially for those who do not want to go to the hospital too early in labor or those who want to stay home until almost ready to deliver.

Price $1650, includes one prenatal visit as well as birth attendance

HYPNOBIRTHING DOULA- ask about this service. Available only certain times/year.

Labor support for home or hospital. HypnoBirthing doula helps you to deepen your relaxation, supports your partner as birth companion and guides you in your choice for natural gentle birth. Acts as an advocate for your birth preferences and brings a toolkit of natural remedies and suggestions for various situations that can arise during labor.

Price $1250 includes prenatal visit and 2 extra visits (prenatal or postpartum or combination)

HOMEOPATHIC BIRTH ATTENDANT – ask about this service. Available only certain times/year. Midwife is available as an extra assist at the labor, specifically to help with homeopathic remedies best fitted for the mom in this labor and the baby if needed.

Price $700, includes one prenatal visit as well as birth attendanceFor our clients in the Rogue Valley Oregon area

Group and Private Class Options


HYPNOBIRTHING GROUP CLASS – Five Class Series $285 includes all materials

Return to any series during your pregnancy at no charge.  Check out more details about this on our HypnoBirthing page!

For those already enrolled in HypnoBirthing class who want an extra private session; this could be to possibly help fine tuning the breathing, or have a discussion around choosing a birth team, or your birth preferences, or a fear release, for example….
Price $45/hr

(time and place to be arranged for convenience)
Total for 5, 2 ½ hr classes is $625 w/out materials.
Full Private 5-Class Series with all materials included is $675

$600 per couple, includes all materials
Normally materials are included in class fee. If for some reason you need to purchase materials separately, here is the cost: Textbook, 2 cd’s, 2 notebooks of handouts and scripts totals $50.
[Breakdown of materials: Book $15, Rainbow CD $15, Notebooks $20 includes both]

What if the class dates don't work for me or I live too far away?

No worries!  We have you covered!  

We can make special arrangements to teach class online.  Just let us know your needs and circumstances and we will do our best to make it happen.

Your Amazing Birth Package

YOUR AMAZING BIRTH PACKAGE is for parents in the Rogue Valley Oregon Area and includes: 

Prenatal Coaching 8 sessions 

HypnoBirthing Monitrice service 

Postpartum and Newborn Care in your Home (4 visits)

HypnoBirthing Class Series

Price $3492 (almost $400 savings)