HypnoBirthing Testimonials

The BEST and MOST USEFUL thing we did to prepare

Taking HypnoBirthing at Three Sisters helped us in so many ways before, during after birth. Before birth having all of the childbirth education where we could ask questions really helped create and solidify a picture of birth that was calm, empowered and intuitive. It also gave us precious time together as a couple to connect deeply with each other and connect with our baby in the womb. All the rich evidence based information was also paired with techniques for calming the body and mind and connecting deeply. We practiced these in class and at home which really helped during labor to lean into those then familiar techniques which include affirmations, breathing, and trusting my body and our baby to work together. This mindset gave me so much focus and strength in labor and into all the trials tribulations and joys of postpartum. It was wonderful to take the class with a small group of parents going through this special time in life together. Hypnobirthing was the best and most useful thing we did to prepare for our birth and for our baby.
From Sara Marie Hamilton  

I highly recommend HypnoBirthing classes to anyone preparing for birth. The information learned, the videos (many from births Three Sisters attended), and the guidance for integrating practice of the techniques was invaluable. I was able to have a calm, peaceful, blissful birth experience thanks to the HypnoBirthing techniques and the support of my midwives and doula. TRUST, GRACE, and BLISS describe the emotions I felt so strongly during labor- even when “plans” shifted. I am so very grateful to have these amazing women in our family’s lives. LOVE and GRATITUDE!
Brooke Nuckles

I can’t recommend the HypnoBirthing classes enough. I learned a lot in the classes, including anatomy and the physiology of birth. The information helped me to feel confident in my body’s ability to birth naturally and safely. I prepared for labor with a regular practice of relaxation and breathing. My pre-labor lasted 3 days and was intense; I was not able to get much sleep. Listening to the Rainbow Relaxation CD was tremendously supportive and helped me focus on my breathing and relaxation.
Kristina Marlia Johnson

If I were to birth again I would not wait a moment to call upon Rhione. I always recommend her and her amazing HypnoBirthing classes to my clients and friends. To work with Rhione Zeixchel is truly an honor and a blessing. Truly thank you so much! You were a blessing to spend time with! I learned a lot too. Luv, Lisa Rohde of Rogue Living Well.
Lisa Rohde

Wisdom gems from parents

Create and solidify a picture of birth that is calm, empowered and intuitive

I was able to have a calm, peaceful, blissful birth experience 

TRUST, GRACE and BLISS describe the emotions I felt so strongly during labor, even when plans shifted

“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change.”  -Marie F. Mongan

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