Postpartum Care and Newborn Care at Home


We Come to You


In reality, because we view the mother/baby as a unit, when we do a visit for one it is very common to address the needs of both at that visit.  Those postpartum visits are usually 1-2 hours in length, depending on what is needed. 

You and baby are  freed up to stay home and rest and bond, and ideally NOT LEAVE YOUR BUBBLE at all. Hopefully Papa or Partner will stay in the bubble with you!

In the first several days and weeks after a birth, it can be quite interventive and even upsetting to get up, get dressed, get baby dressed, get in car seat, drive to doc, wait in waiting room, all for a routine visit that could easily have been provided in your own home.  (Not to mention your own microbiome).

What Happens at a Visit?

Basic summary of care is same as what would occur at doctor's office, but more time and attention is given to the whole picture.  We are happy to answer your questions about natural remedies, herbal tonics, diet and nutrients for this critical period.

This is care for mom:  includes the big picture (how is your life now?), as well as clinical vitals and assessments of postpartum recovery and breastfeeding essentials with referral to a physician for anything out of normal.  Parents usually are ready to review their birth story at around one week as well. That is really important for integration, healing and closure.

This is care for baby:  includes baby attachment, breastfeeding, sleep, elimination, tracking weight gain, assessing clinical vitals, tracking any jaundice or other possible issues, with referral to physician for anything out of the normal.  If you are choosing to have the 2 week newborn screening done for baby, (heel prick test) that can be done at home as well (much less invasive).  Usually the 1st newborn screening would be done before leaving the hospital, at around 24 hours.

Normally our visit schedule would be - day 3, at one week, two week, and 4 weeks and 6 weeks.  We understand that we have to be flexible and respond to the needs of your situation as it unfolds.  So the schedule could change!  You might want to see your doctor or midwife for a final "6 week" visit as a way of bringing closure.   If a different schedule is needed because any unusual situation arises, we are happy to accomodate that.

These visits could totally replace the need to go to visit a physician as long as all is normal.  After care is over, it would be important to have a pediatrician available for any future medical needs for baby.  We would do medical charting for you and for baby at each visit so that all the information can be given to you or released to another care provider whenever you like.