Group Classes


Meet with other couples in a series of 5 classes (usually weekly) and you are welcome to return to ANY class or class series in your pregnancy at no additional charge.  Lots of practice time in class. Videos are part of every class.

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Private classes


When your schedule doesn't match up to the group class schedule, or if you are very close to your due date and haven't been able to get into a group class, we can create a private class for just you and your birth companion.  Same material is covered as in group class.

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Taking HypnoBirthing at Three Sisters helped us in so many ways...

What parents say

What does this class include?


 Lots of videos, practice time and time for questions and discussion


Some things we cover in class are here:

Philosophy and Beginnings of HypnoBirthing® 

History of Women and Birthing 

How the Uterus Works in Birthing 

What’s Wrong with Labor? 

How Fear Affects Labor 

The Laws of the Mind and Change 

Mind/Body Connection

Breathing and Relaxation

Falling in Love with Your Baby 

Preparing Your Mind and Body 

Selecting Care Providers

Preparing the Mind for Birth 

Self Hypnosis



Releasing Fear 

Preparing the Body for Birthing 

Building  Partnership with Care  Provider 

Advanced Visualization and Deepening 

Looking at the “Estimated Due Date”

Avoiding Artificial Induction 

Initiating Labor Naturally 

Prelabor Tricksters 

Labor Birth and Companions Support Role

Thinning and Opening Phase 

Misconceptions about Labor 

Optimal Positioning for Baby in Labor & Birth 

Positions During Labor

Birth Breathing 

Breathing Through Labor 


The Magical First Hour 

Bonding with Baby 

Fourth Trimester 

Next Class Starts May 4 2019!


5 class series Saturday Mornings

May 4, 11, 18, June 8, 15

Time 10 am - 1pm

Location:  235 W Main St, Jacksonville OR  97530


This class is powerful, no matter when you take it.  Starting earlier in pregnancy is great, IMO.  You will saturate your nervous system with the positive messages you create about birth as you dive into your practice. You also get to return to any class later in pregnancy, at no additional charge.  Even moms who begin very late in pregnancy report how much the practice helped them during their labor.


Things parents ask about HypnoBirthing or FAQ


When is the best time to take the class?
HypnoBirthing is different than other childbirth classes, where you might “cram” at the end of pregnancy, and learn some techniques, etc. The sooner you begin, the better. This is because you are saturating your nervous system with the messages you want and choose as you do your practice. You are literally creating new neural pathways in your brain. People often ask about what if they have to miss a class or two, are going out of town on vacation, or what if they are only 8 weeks pregnant? I encourage you to dive in now, and complete any missed classes in a future series (no extra cost).  

Who can come to class with me?
The class is designed for couples, and you are welcome to bring a doula, etc if that person will be a main support for you during your labor. If your birthing partner cannot attend the class with you, we will partner with you in any exercise that is designed for two.

What makes this class stand out from other classes?  
Because you train yourself to work with mind and body, HypnoBirthing lasts a lifetime. When we birth our babies gently and easily with calmness and love we are giving them the foundational security of feeling welcomed and loved throughout life. For mothers this calm confident way of opening and breathing a baby into the world brings empowerment extraordinaire. For birth partners and fathers, active participation creates an extreme loving bond that begins before birth and lasts for a lifetime.
I’ve been working to help women in natural birth for over 30 years and HypnoBirthing is THE MOST EFFECTIVE philosophy and technique for childbirth preparation that I have ever encountered.
HypnoBirthing moms are more conscious, more alert, more aware than I have seen in other moms during childbirth. They are deeply focused within, but they are NOT in some kind of far-away trance state, or out of the body state. It is very common for a HypnoBirthing mom to tell ME when she knows her waters are about to release, or that she knows and feels her baby moving down. Deep calm relaxing, lots of focus and connection with baby, less “drama” = more PRESENCE HypnoBirthing in Ashland HypnoBirthing in Medford Childbirth Class in Medford


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Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

$75.00 deposit saves your space in the class.  YOU MUST LET US KNOW WHICH CLASS DATE YOU ARE REGISTERING FOR. Total tuition including materials is $285.  Class size limited to 9 couples. Remainder of tuition ($210) due at first class 

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